Episode 109 – Airpods and the Future

We start in on Dropbox’s odd use of Mac permissions. We discuss Apple’s slow updates of Maps data. We discuss the future potential of the Air Buds and Apple’s courageous choice. We discuss the ceramic Apple Watch Edition. Dennis Pilarino gave a talk on Buddy Build at our local cocoaheads meetup. We discuss our iPhone 7 purchase choices and the UIFeedbackGenerator. Picks: Reveal, Tree, Google Duo and Waze.

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One thought on “Episode 109 – Airpods and the Future

  1. Troy aka @third_beach

    Following up on what Aaron said it isn’t just data that mapping services are t doing a great job. Travelling for the past week I’ve been trying lots of different mapping apps and none are what I would call great.

    Often the routing is convoluted. Some don’t do a great job conveying smaller streets or alleys. Transit can be sketchy. And trying to move from an address in an app to displaying it in a mapping app is a bit of a crap shoot in terms of which one it will open up.

    A few times I gave up and just used a map and compass to figure out which way to go. I think if you used map apps for just 20 minutes a day you would easily be able to post a “flaw of the day” without any problems. Yes, it’s still amazing that we get the services we do, for free, but mapping technology is hugely complex and expensive and there isn’t anyone, Google included, that has really taken the time or charged the money to create a service that focuses on the details.


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