Episode 111 – Storm & Stress

This week we chat about our iPhone 7 impressions and delivery experiences. We follow up on Apple Maps, Dennis Pilarinos speaking about Buddy Build and Dropbox. Jaime and Tim discuss their impressions of the Indie Devstock conference in Nashville TN. Aaron presents an argument about the future direction of the Macintosh. Picks: ProTip: viewWillLayoutSubviews bug, Twitter Dashboard, Google Allo, Google Trips

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2 thoughts on “Episode 111 – Storm & Stress

  1. Christophe Fondacci

    Just like you, watching the Apple keynote, I though airpods would solve a lot of problems with wireless technologies. That’s what they said. I was expecting a new protocol, was looking for more information because they were quite mysterious about it…

    And then I found out: airpods are actually using…Bluetooth! They are just another pair of Bluetooth headphones, that’s it. The revolution is not here. It’s just marketing, they want to sell a $180 pair of Bluetooth headphones.

  2. Dave Rogers

    Aaron got it right about the eclipsing of MacOS with iOS. Most folks at home and even at the office are “over-computed.” A mobile OS could easily handle that workload given a nice screen/keyboard/mouse. Another way to say it is that hardly anyone is CPU-bound. IT managers looking at supporting a full desktop OS and all the driver madness that ensues compared to essentially fungible tablets has an easy decision.

    The interesting part is what would happen to the filesystem in a MacOS-less future. The leaky metaphor of a hierarchy of manila folders is very well known; it’s how we organize ourselves, so why not our files. But it’s also a complete fiasco: show me any cubicle farm and let’s count how many people store everything on the desktop. Even with labels and symlinks and other tricks for cutting across the hierarchy, search seems the only way to find anything anymore. I’m looking forward to a revolutionary idea in this space.

    Apple has already taken away our floppies, DVDs, and 1/4″ audio jacks. Good riddance. How much longer before they tell us we no longer need personal computers? Courage!


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