Episode 114 – I Can Eat More Salt Than You

This we are joined my Tammy Coron. We follow up on follow up on Omni Group’s innovative pricing model, as well as, on Storyboard bugs fixed in Xcode 8.1 beta 3 and IGListKit is now live on github. We discuss the removal of Dash from the App Store(s) and some disappointing history revealed on the MacRumors forums. We also talk about the removal of Phoneys sticker pack. Picks: Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Swift Playgrounds Demo with a Twist, 3D iOS Games book and PDF

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Correction: Scanning across the screen in possible with Point Scanning in Switch Control.

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One thought on “Episode 114 – I Can Eat More Salt Than You

  1. Troy Hannah

    It seems like stickers are actually turning out to be more popular than I thought they would be (even MTJC has talked about them in the past few podcasts, and not in a negative way either). I know in Asia they have been a huge part of messaging apps for years but when it was announced at WWDC I didnt think it would matter much in a North American context. But I am seeing them used more often as people learn that they are now a thing in iOS 10 and I find myself using them too, which I didn’t expect to happen.

    It isn’t just stickers either but other iMessage apps as well. I can see a lot of everyday casual users actually getting a lot of use out of small, lightweight, in-iMessage apps. For developers it could be a short term boost in revenue while there is still a novelty factor about it all. Long term it probably won’t help with the monetization issue but it does seem like this is where a lot of apps are going to be headed.

    What do ya’ll think, do you see these stickers and iMessage apps becoming a big thing, or ending up as more of a fad? Have any of you tried to create an iMessage app, or have any plans to?


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