Episode 116 – Back to the Future of Desktop

This week we answer questions from #askMTJC about the Axiotron ModBook and Core Data. We follow up on the delayed AirPods and removal of the Edition Watches from high end stores. We also follow up on the appearance of the ARM chip support in the macOSX kernel and the upcoming Touch ID feature in the new MacBook Pros. We discuss the new Microsoft Surface Studio and its potential impact on Apple. We touch on AppWage, Designing for Empathy and the new Swift Server APIs workgroup. Picks: Fatal Error Podcast, Functional Swift Conference videos and Nebo by MyScript

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Episode 116 Show Notes:

Episode 116 Picks:

One thought on “Episode 116 – Back to the Future of Desktop

  1. Dave

    After listening to the Nebo review and watching the video, went straight out and bought a pencil. Incredible app and amazingly free. Tims right, this should be installed on all instore iPads, Apple would clean up with iPad Pro and pencil sales.

    I can ditch my paper and pen (finally) and join the complete digital era. Everyone at work is amazed at how it recognises their hand writing.

    Keep up the good work.


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