Episode 129 – Dangling Participles

This week we follow up on Apple’s record quarterly results. We also follow up on MacBook Pro Touch Bar models being banned in exams, 32-bit iOS apps and replacing Air Play. We discuss Apple possibly adding Arm chips to Intel based Macs. Gitlab’s data loss is explored. Picks: Linea, Google Chrome iOS browser opensourced and Google Translate.

Episode 129 Show Notes:

Episode 129 Picks:

2 thoughts on “Episode 129 – Dangling Participles

  1. Joe

    The comment about having to update your app with XIB’s for the 32bit to 64bit. You don’t have to add the XIB. Just continue using the old splash screen files and it will scale the display up for the device they are on. I did this for a game of mine because I didn’t want to create new artwork. Worked fine and got rid of the 64bit slow down message.


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