Episode 144 – Greg Regrets the Error

Once again we are joined by Tammy Coron and Greg Heo as we answer #askMTJC questions about Objective-C framework tutorials and which Drobo to buy. We follow up rumors of Amazon Prime video coming to Apple TV, the Handbrake hack resulting in Panic software being stolen and potential issues crossing the borders with smart phones. We also follow up on rumors of MacBook Pro updates coming to WWDC. We discuss highlights of announcements from Google I/O’s keynote. We take a look at what’s coming in Swift 4. Picks: Kotlin For Android: An Introduction, Toggl – the Ultimate Timer, An Xcode playground showing off the new features in Swift 4.0.

Note: not the original poster I made, but a reasonable facsimile & style of what I remember. The original is in storage.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 144 – Greg Regrets the Error

  1. Craig Cruden

    It would be nice if the tirade about Apple’s “declining” quality (QA) were less a tirade and more about specific problems. I have heard a small number of people get really worked up about this issue, but I have not had the same personal issues myself — which makes me wonder if the problems are specific to certain hardware or certain development applications or how the OS is used. I put the macOS under some extreme pressure but have not had the same issues. Having a tirade without specifics is about as helpful or useful as the way Donald Trump uses Twitter. If there are specifics and then actually spelling out the issues might be helpful for others to avoid, but a tirade without substance…. not so much.


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