Episode 53 – Deciding Where the Exclamation Marks Go

This week we recorded the show while attending 360|iDev 2015 in Denver Colorado. We were joined by conference speaker, Greg Heo, and MTJC uber-fan, Fuad “Hey Siri!” Kamal. We discussed the new paradigm of podcast cliques and what is involved in a tech podcast. We also give an overview of the sessions at this years 360|iDev conference. Picks: Principle for Mac, RWDevCon 2016 and Vainglory.

Episode 53 Show Notes:

Episode 53 Picks:

2 thoughts on “Episode 53 – Deciding Where the Exclamation Marks Go

  1. Darren Baptiste

    In Episode 53 (congrats on making it to year two, by the way!) someone mentioned a stat on the percentage of developers who actually make money the AppStore. Could you remind me which link points to those stats? Cheers!

    1. Tim Mitra Post author

      It’s pretty low and I think I misquoted the stat. I got that from Charles Perry’s talk at NSNorth 2014. He said the results from a Gartner Group survey found that 1.01% of developers felt they made any money on the app store.

      Here’s a link to the talk. https://vimeo.com/channels/nsnorth2014


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