Episode 89 – “WWDC is cancelled”

We discuss the effect of Apple’s poorest performance report in many years, yet the iPhone 6 size skews the numbers. Also to Apple Watch outsold many similar products. We discuss the Apple Watch after a year of use. We discuss Stripes new Bring Your Own Team idea. Aaron discusses an Ad free Apple experience. Picks: Draftly, Readable Content Guides, Glot.io, Concepts, RWDevCon 2016 Vault (incl Advanced LLDB Debugging)

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One thought on “Episode 89 – “WWDC is cancelled”

  1. Jessy Catterwaul

    Catie and I totally get the BYOT. We even lived in a house with our team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N99lA6fP-RU

    Due to lack of funding, and a lack of initial understanding that we lacked it, the game project didn’t work out, but there was nothing like having us all working together, when we actually found small slices of time to do so. Employing a team that moves from business to business, getting better with each move, is a powerful option that can’t be matched via solo developers or even an agency that isn’t made up solely of close friends.

    The current housing models that we’re familiar with don’t support the exponential rise of expertise that will be necessary to perform at high levels, going forward. A single person working alone, and then having to travel to work in-person with others, is not optimal for getting work done quickly or enjoyably. Sharing a house with your teammates doesn’t provide enough independence and control, but apartments and condos don’t provide nearby blocks of rooms, paired with coworking spaces. Having adjoining walls is also really bad for sound isolation. I expect we’ll be seeing new evolving forms of communal living arrangements in the next decade, to support the most symbiotic teams.


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