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MTJC podcast is a show about mobile development. Each week, Jaime LopezMark Rubin (sometimes Greg Heo, and Tammy Coron ) and myself, Tim Mitra, will convene from across the continent to discuss iOS and Mac development. We discuss current issues to find out what developers are talking about, what their apps are about, what they are using to create their apps and what advice they have for other developers (or those looking to become one). We also have news, notes and tech tips for developers.

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1 thought on “Subscribe to the Podcast

  1. Chris Hawkins

    Just discovered your show last week, and am now going back to the first episode to listen to all 21.

    I been a developer since 1977, doing iOS since 2010, and I find your discussions very interesting and relevant. My retirement consists of working 40 hours a week on my app, mostly out of love, with a slight hope of building a long-term income to supplement my retirement. So your first episode was super topical.

    1. Assume that your listeners are no following all the blogs and feeds you reference. This came out in Episode 11, where there was lots of discussions with problems regarding App Review. What I would have liked were more specific examples of problems developers had.

    So, keep up the great work.


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