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Episode 51 – Twitter, You’re Holding It Wrong

This week we discuss all kinds of social networking tools prompted by Twitter’s report on slowing user growth. We discuss how the various popular social networking tools are used by the general public and it skews differently for those of us in the tech sector.
Picks: pttrns.com, bloc app, App Icon Template. Tim discusses Bed Debugging in the aftershow.

Before and After heat treating the house to 190°F

Before and After heat treating the house to 190°F

Episode 51 Show Notes:

Episode 51 Picks:

Episode #2 – First World Problems – Aug 12, 2014 

In the second episode we discuss:

  • Breaking Apps up into smaller task based apps (e.g. Faceook & Foursquare.)
  • Gruber vs the iWatch watchers.
  • Jared Sinclair’s day job and what it means to be Indie.
  • let tim:String = self.askAbout(“var”)
  • Push a button. Get a pizza!

Episode 2 Show Notes:

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