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Episode 115 – Podcast Time Machine

We start out with this week’s askMTJC questions on Sticker Packs, Swift OOP or protocol oriented and can apps do handwriting conversion. We follow up on Dash and migrating Mac App Store licensing. We also follow up on the fate of the Apple Car project and IBM adoption of Macs as their primary computing platform. We also discuss the upcoming Apple “Hello Again” event where a refresh of the Macintosh product lines. Picks: TableFlip and Animation Pro.

Sponsored by: Buddy Build

Episode 115 Show Notes:

Episode 115 Picks:

Episode 110 – Live from Indie Devstock with Tammy Coron, Greg Heo & Joe Cieplinski

In this special live episode Tammy Coron, Greg Heo and Joe Cieplinski join Jaime Lopez and Tim Mitra. We discuss whether to refactor your old code. We also sticker packs for the Messages API. Joe has produced Leo Collection stickers. We discuss diversity challenges at conferences with Tammy and Joe. We also send Tammy Inside the Chaotic Studios.

Subtitle: Three Podcasts Go In, One Comes Out.

MTJC Indie Devstock

photo by Jessy Catterwall

Episode 110 Show Notes: